Control Panel CPU Cores RAM Enterprise HDD Game Capacity Bandwidth Monthly Price
2.00GHz 1 512 MB 25 GB SATA 2 Servers 200GB $15.00 Customize
oie_transparent 2.00Ghz 1 768 MB 28 GB SATA 3 Servers 300GB $20.00 Customize
2.00GHz  1 1024 MB 30 GB SATA 4 Servers 400GB $26.00 Customize
2.00GHz  2 1536 MB 35 GB SATA 6 Servers 500GB $34.00 Customize
2.00GHz  2 2048 MB 40 GB SATA 8 Servers 600GB $44.00 Customize
2.00GHz  3 3072 GB 50 GB SATA 12 Servers 900GB $57.00 Customize
2.00GHz  4 4096 GB 70 GB SATA 16 Servers 1000GB $96.00 Customize

Installed By Default
Hundreds More can be added manually via steam

POPsPing (ms)
Phoenix AZPING: 1 ms
Los Angelos, CAPING: 1 ms
New York, NYPING: 66 ms
Kansas City, KSPING: 30 ms
Dallas, TXPING: 72 ms
Atlanta, GAPING: 37 ms
Miami, FLPING: 51 ms

No More Slot Limits!

With FluidServers VPS Game Servers You dont have to worry about paying for extra slots

Your resources are completely dedicated to you, and you may run each of your game servers with maximum slots


You can run several different games with our VPS game servers, No longer do you have to pay separately for each game server you want to run.

Clan Friendly

Great for clans, or individuals who want to run a wide variety of game servers, With our VPS Game Servers, You can purchase one service and run many different servers.


Enterprise Hardware

The highest quality

Dell & Supermicro server hardware, gives us world-class reliability and performance.

By investing in the most powerful and reliable hardware available

FluidServers can provide speed and uptime that is unmatched in the hosting industry

Usage Statistics

With FluidcP  you can view all statistics related to your VPS including Disk usage, traffic usage,  memory availability

Control Panel

GamePanelX is the original Free and Open Source control panel for Linux game and voice servers.
It has been actively maintained since 2007.  A complete rewrite (version 3) recently came out in October 2012.

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