Platform Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth Monthly Price
 Dedicated VPN 1 256 MB 8 GB 10Mbps $8.00 Customize
 Dedicated VPN 1 512 MB 10 GB 15Mbps $15.00 Customize
Dedicated VPN 1 768 MB 15 GB 20Mbps $20.00 Customize
Dedicated VPN 1 1.0 GB 20 GB 25Mbps $26.00 Customize
Dedicated VPN 2 1.5 GB 25 GB 30Mbps $30.00 Customize


Private Secure Network

Whether you are a business and need unified connectivity to all of your office(s)  data remotely or are a end user wanting to secure your internet browsing a VPN can help you Sign-up for your own dedicated VPN hosting today!

That’s why many companies and users focus their requirements on their necessities to establish VPN communications on their organizations


VPN is capable of establishing an efficient virtual environment for your organization


  • PPTPd Server (low overhead)
  • Hosted VPN (easy to deploy)
  • Easy to use Web GUI
  • Unlimited users support
  • Full firewall control GUI
  • Full root access
  • up and running within minutes

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