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Engineered to provide the maximum amount of speed and reliability, the FluidServers network delivers persistent speeds for your entire traffic flow and associated applications. The Brocade backbone is directly connected to our Tier 1 providers through redundant dedicated ten-gigabit uplinks and is managed by our certified onsite technicians inside our network operation center (NOC) to ensure uptime is consistently upheld.   By keeping usage to no more than 50 percent of our overall capacity, we are able to maintain a reliable, rapid network in the instance of an Internet routing disturbance. In the occurrence of a network provider going offline, your traffic will automatically be routed to another available provider during the outage. This allows your online presence to remain undisturbed. Visit our bandwidth page to learn more about our carriers. Whether you require a single 1 Mbps connection or multiple 10 Gbps connections, FluidServers  can meet all of your traffic and associated applications requests. Still not convinced? Take our speed test and see for yourself!

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