Compute Plan CPU vCPU RAM Enterprise HDD Monthly Price
X Small 350 Mhz 1 256 MB 8 GB $18.00 Out Of Stock
Small 500 Mhz 1 512 MB 10 GB $20.00 out of stock
Medium 1000 Mhz 1 768 MB 20 GB $22.00 out of stock
Large 1500 Mhz 2 1 GB 25 GB $23.00 out of stock
X Large 2000 Mhz 2 1.5 GB 30 GB $25.00 out of stock
X X Large 2250 Mhz 2 2 GB 35 GB $28.00 out of stock


Enterprise Hardware

The highest quality

Dell & Supermicro server hardware, gives us world-class reliability and performance.

By investing in the most powerful
and reliable hardware available

FluidServers can provide speed and uptime that is unmatched in the hosting industry

Usage Statistics

With FluidcP  you can view all statistics
related to your Budget Server (VPS) including
Disk usage, traffic usage,  memory availability

Control Panel

FluidcP  also gives you full control over your Budget Server (VPS)  you will be able to  reboot it  change your root password set your own RDNS records, backup your Budget Server (VPS),  and even re-install your operating system (rebuild),   Also, you can access a remote console designed to access your command line if your Budget Server is not responding.

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